Colin isn’t just being cute here. He really does have the safety of the maternity ward in mind.

Oh, and welcome to the all-new fantabulous Puck website! It’s really a lot like the old site, but there are a few new perks. For starters, the ‘Characters’ section now includes ALL the characters in the comic, and gives a fairly detailed rundown of appearances. And if, say, you wanted to see all the comics that featured Tracee, just click on her name and you’ll be taken to the Tracee archive! (Shudder.) Also, every Puck comic in existence now has added Alt-text goodness! That’s right! Just like the cool people in those other webcomics! Get an added chuckle (or wry observation from yours truly) by mousing over the comic. It’s not much, but’s it’s the little things in life that count, right?

You can still comment to your heart’s content; you don’t have to be a member on the site. Just give your name and email, and you’re good as gold. The email address, by the way, is NOT published, nor spammed, nor anything like that. (It’s just to discourage spam commenters; that’s all.)

If you were following the RSS feed on the old site, you’ll want to switch over to the new RSS feed for this site, featured in the link on the menu bar. This RSS feed will give you updates on the latest comic releases and all that.


This particular voting incentive is no longer up on TWC, but you can GET IT AT THE STORE, along with all the other incentives, for a few bucks!