Here’s another solid Gecko Reco for you.

This week I’m talking about Dennis Hyer’s excellent (and criminally underappreciated) Inhuman Relations. Dennis works magic in this comic: Inhuman Relations is a story-based comedy strip comic with great character-based humor and a decidedly retro vibe. Though his ink is all digital now, it has the look and feel of an earlier era where men were men and drawings were better.

The characters are what elevate his work to new heights, though. Weird, strange individuals like Mama, Tirzah and Slavko just make for fun reading. And the expressions are perfectly on point, which is no small feat when working with cartoon animals.

I really can’t do this comic justice. It’s delightfully understated, but just … just trust me when I say that this is seriously one of the best comics on the internet. I mean, think of a webcomic, any webcomic, and Inhuman Relations is almost certainly better than that one. Including mine.

I stand by that above statement.

Check out Inhuman Relations here! And tell ’em Gecko sent ya!