*according to one very awesome website

Just the First Frame, my all-time favourite comic aggregate site, released a yearly retrospective which identified the 1000 most clicked panels of the year. And guess what? Puck claimed 26 of those spots! That’s over half the year’s strips!

Henry (the awesome guy who runs JTFF) figured out the most popular overall comics of the year according the number of panels on this top 1000 list. Here’s the top ten:

1) Cyanide & Happiness
2) Girl With Slingshots
3) Penny Arcade
4) I am Arg
5) AmazingSuperPowers
6) Chainsawsuit
7) Puck
8) MercWorks
9) Gun Show
10) Two Guys and Guy

PUCK IS NUMBER SEVEN. NUMBER! F$%^ING! SEVEN!!!!!!! And let it be noted that MOST of those other comics in the top ten run more than once a week. We’re getting scored on how many panels got in the top 1000, so 2GAG (one of my personal favorites) had three times as many strips with which to get to the top. Like Atari Jaguar ads once said, “Do the math!”

When describing this list, Henry said that it gets “to the heart of what style of art seems to be most attractive, though I think it’s natural that there is some bias towards well-known comics.” So guess what, all you well-known comics in the top ten? UNKNOWN PUCK JUST SERVED YOU A CAN OF MOST ATTRACTIVE PIE! (Er, ‘slice.’ Whatever.)

In honesty, though, this top ten a really, really fine list of some amazing, visually stunning comics (even Cyanide & Happiness has its own visual, uhm, charm) and words cannot express how pumped I am about this.

Statistics never, ever lie, right? Right?