This strip marks the first appearance of Phoebe, Puck’s roommate and one of the primary characters in the series. Besides being the daughter of Satan (who controls the university), she’s actually a good-hearted, twitty sort of character. She’s the direct antithesis to Puck, and they serve as good foils for each other.

Like the other characters, Phoebe’s outfit never changes: an off-the-shoulder pseudo-tee with bare midriff (bra straps exposed), button fly jeans and a feather boa. It was a weird, weird look that I made up off the top of my head. The weirdest thing about it was the fact that girls’ fashion started to almost emulate Phoebe’s about a year or two after I started the strip. Exposed bra straps were this ridiculous feature that I created for laughs, but then, all of a sudden, exposed bra straps became all the rage. Seeing as my readership was probably in the single digits, I doubt that the comic strip had an effect in shaping the world of fashion. Just one of those weird coincidences. Go fig.