For those who are confused (and there may be a few of you out there), this joke plays off the standard medical list of all things pregnant women should NOT do. And there’s no end to the forbidden-when-pregnant list, really. Alcohol’s not allowed, along with shellfish, kickboxing, cigarettes, coffee, tea, unpasteurized cheese, and most other forms of happiness.

I’ve heard that other countries have their own unique lists of verboten things for pregnant women. Pregnant French women, for instance, are told to avoid fresh vegetables. Not sure what that’s about. (Honestly, I’m not sure what ANY of it is about. I think it’s about people getting a sense of power from ordering pregnant women around.)

Oh, and I couldn’t resist the Rush joke. (NB: I’m Canadian, and I hate Rush. I keep this fact a secret so that I’m not attacked in the street by overly patriotic ne’er-do-wells.)