Given the content of the strip, a word on redheads:

I am not a redhead. A number of my extended family members ARE redheads, though, and I’ve taught my fair share of them, so while not an expert, I’ll throw my hat in the ring by saying that in Canada right now, your average redheaded male has probably suffered more overt discrimination based on his appearance than any actual visible minority.

Why? Well, there’s no social taboo against redhead discrimination. We live in a society where jokes such as “beat it like a redheaded stepchild” are not only condoned but funny. Your average redhead has likely been teased, taunted, ridiculed, or just plain beaten up multiple times.

Redheaded girls have it easier, because few white women have not, at some point in time, toyed with the idea of going red. If you’re a guy and you’re a redhead, though, it’s rough. As a teacher, I can report that there are two types of redheaded boy: the introverted types who have retreated into their own world full of androids and dragons, and the nightmarish hellions who are the toughest, meanest kids in the school. There are few in-betweeners. And don’t tell me that behaviour is genetic! Those are defence mechanisms if ever I saw one.

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