Ah yes, the washroom stall joke. This strip introduced yet another running theme in Puck: the potty humour. Despite the somewhat boyish joke here, a number of girls expressed that this was one of their all-time favourite strips in the series. That said, it took some other people aback. I was at a party shortly after this one ran in the paper, and a girl there kept saying, “I just can’t believe she was on the toilet!” Yes, Puck was on the toilet.

I think the shock factor here has to do with gender. Bathroom jokes are all too common in the male world, but when you show a picture of a girl sitting on the can, in our culture, there’s an immediate sense of the verboten about it. I worried about crossing the line of decency, but I thought it was funny, so I went for it.

I’m actually quite proud of this strip art-wise. It’s not necessarily easy to draw someone sitting on a toilet, and I’m happy with the pictures in all four boxes – a rarity!