Here you see a comic with four separate panels wherein every panel is from a unique angle, meaning every panel requires a freshly drawn background. Seldom does my laziness permit this, so don’t expect to see it again for a while.

I’m reasonably pleased with the shots of Phoebe in panels three and four. I always feel a certain amount of pressure when drawing Phoebe. She’s supposed to be sexy, and sexy isn’t always easy to pull off. There are a lot of comic artists who just go for simplified sexy (read ‘ridiculously exaggerated boobs’) but to my eye, that never really works.

When I’m drawing Phoebe, I’m often reminded of an observation that Disney animator Ham Luske had about drawing the rabbits in Bambi. He found that the more the artists followed the actual anatomy of a rabbit, the less it looked and moved like a rabbit. It’s the same with Phoebe. If I start with a sketched skeletal frame for Phoebe (like I do most characters), the end result always looks bad. If I start with a silhouette or an exterior contour, the image often turns out way better.

I … don’t know where I was going with that.

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