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And as for the comic…

FYI: Once upon a time, the real world equivalent of Canada’s Funderland had a Hanna Barbera themed children’s land, and during the mid eighties, there was a walk-through ‘ride’ version of Smurf Village. It was sort of like that ‘Small World’ ride at Disney World, only with animatronic Smurfs instead of animatronic fat kids. The animatronic Smurfs sang used to sing that inane Smurf song. On repeat. Forever. I’m sure one of the circles of hell involves being locked inside that ride with no means of escape.

In real life, the ride (and the animatronic Smurfs contained within it) departed for that great theme park in the sky a long, long time ago. It happened during that long, dark age when Smurfs held no cultural sway. But in my alternate reality version of Canada’s Funderland, the off-brand Shnorfs still frolic and sing.

Long live the Shnorfs.