This one really split the population in two, kind of like pumpkin pie. (You either love it or you hate it; know what I mean? Man, do I hate pumpkin pie.) Some people thought this one was funny, some didn’t. I think some people just failed to ‘get’ it, and I don’t blame them. My sense of humour isn’t always an easily deciphered one.

I included the opening blurb in the title box to provide a little bit of clarity for those readers that didn’t remember what had happened in the previous strip. (They did run weekly, so I thought that people could sometimes use a refresher.)

Even ten (cough) years on, I still like panel four on this one. As a character, Puck was horribly difficult to get on model (I’m not sure why), yet I liked the fact that her face could pull off a wide variety of emotions. Also, I think her whole body language conveys the concept of agony quite well.