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As for this comic…

My actual conversation with my oncologist was different though no less hilarious. The exchange just didn’t totally work as a four-panel comic because it was a bit too wordy, but it went like this:
Oncologist: “So it’s tough to say what to do, but I think we should wait and see.”
Me: “Wait and see?”
Oncologist: “Yeah. See, I look at you, and I see a rule follower. I see a guy who will come back in six months for a scan and some blood work if I tell him to. Now, if you were some shabby homeless bum or something like that, someone whom I could never trust to do any follow-up, I’d take those lymph nodes out right now. But you? I trust that I can control you.”
Me: “Oh. Uhm, thanks?”

The mentioned lymph nodes, by the way, are in the torso, and they’re apparently the next place that this type of cancer will spread. If they’re taken out, the chances of it spreading further are seriously reduced. But taking them out comes with risks; apparently the surgery is right next to some key nerves, and if the nerves are damaged (which happens most of the time), it seriously messes up a dude’s … workings. Long story short, that which shoots outward a certain, um, climactic moment stops shooting outward and shoots inward. Which did not sound cool to me.

All said and told, ‘wait and see’ sounded like a very attractive approach.