The nudity saga continues yet again. This is another of my favourites from the series. The drawings are good, and that last panel really works. Something about crazed, naked chicks trying to rip a man’s pants off is inherently funny, in part because it’s so far removed from reality. At least, well … it was removed from MY reality at the time of this strip’s creation. (Hollow laugh.)

I have to say, looking back on these strips, that though there was certainly a lot of female nudity going on, I’m proud that the girls’ body types were always pretty realistic. By that, I mean that the pics didn’t copy the overly exaggerated, hyper-sexualized pin-up girls you see in so many comic books.

This above point recently led to a debate with my wife. I told her that the most popular strip thus far was (on most days) the one with Phoebe in a thong. Then she got an odd look on her face.
“I don’t get it,” she declared.
“Don’t get what?” I asked.
“ Phoebe,” she clarified. “I don’t get the whole ‘Phoebe is hot’ thing. Phoebe’s not hot, really – not in a traditional sense. She’s cute, but she just looks like your average university girl. I’m not a guy, of course, but I wouldn’t say she’s hot.”

I’ll admit that it felt like a little bit of a punch in the stomach – kind of like being told your kid’s real ugly or something like that – though I suppose she’s right. Beyond the tail and horns, Phoebe is not some otherworldly symbol of unspeakable hotness. You pass girls that sort of look like her everyday. But that said, she’s never lacked male fans. Go fig.