So the hotdog guy (who doubles as Puck’s psychiatrist) is contractually obligated to show up now and then. Here he is.

I now know that this joke requires too much knowledge of Freudian psychology to be funny for most people. There was a time (a time when I made this strip) that I assumed everyone would likely know what an Electra complex was. I now know I was wrong.

I teach English at a fairly academic high school, and Hamlet’s on the grade 12 curriculum. Every year, we get to the whole ‘Hamlet confronts his mother’ scene, which many critics interpret as evidence of an Oedipus complex, and I ask how many people have heard of Sigmund Freud. Five (at most) kids will put their hands up. Scary but true.

So for those of you that don’t know what it is, an Electra complex occurs when a daughter develops a pseudo-romantic obsession with her father and becomes secretly envious of and competitive with her mother. There you go. And now that I explained it, it’s no longer funny.