So here’s some more academic humour. Everyone loves it when higher education panders to the young crowd, right?

Part of this strip, of course, was really wishful thinking on my part. I was taking Canadian history at the time, and the course almost killed me with intense boredom. Canadian history is, perhaps, the most boring history course you can possibly take. Period. End of sentence. And I like history. I’m a qualified high school history teacher, for crying out loud.

Let’s put it this way: take any equivalent, notable event from American history and it will always be inherently more interesting than the Canadian one. The Americans wanted to form their own country? They fought the freakin’ War of Independence! Canadians want to form their own country? They politely asked Britain, and Britain said yes, because they never really wanted to own Canada anyway. See what I mean?

I desperately, desperately would have loved to see my boring, monotone professor flown in on wires with an accompanying laser show.