So the last image got all corrupted when I uploaded it, but I’ve got a new one! Nothing can go wrong with the new one, right?


As for this comic…

I will readily admit that I sometimes fall down the ‘sustainable urban living’ YouTube rabbit hole and watch endless videos about how North American cities are ruining our lives with their car-centric natures, their lack of public transportation, their giant parking lots. They’ve got a point. But usually after the twentieth video, I start to develop a creeping sense of dread that their utopian vision is equally as terrifying as the status quo – just in new and different (and decidedly European) ways.

But maybe that’s just me. I can’t help but be a mushy, wimpy centrist at heart and any time anyone on any side of the political spectrum starts talking about radical new ideas (or a radical return to old, defunct ideas), I get scared. It all comes back to fear.

Oh, and it’s not every day I get to reuse art I drew over a decade earlier, but today’s the day! The shots of the TV and cabinet (but not the heads or the images on screen) are pulled from #163. I never redraw a background if I can avoid it.

Edit: I changed Satan’s word bubbles to have white text, just because something with the PNG conversion made the black-on-red text really blurry and hard to see. Still not perfect but it’s something.