April showers bring May flowers, so…


As for this comic…

Happy with panel three.

Sorry for the late upload on the site. The whole website was down for a while due to (from what I can gather) poor management on my part where caches were overloaded and space was running out and all sorts of things that sounded terrible. It’s kinda like getting in trouble for not cleaning your room when you didn’t even know that you had a room that needed cleaning.

Not gonna lie, this week has been pretty rough. My financial situation has suddenly and drastically taken a turn for the worse. Hoping it won’t impact things here, but I may soon be forced to reallocate my limited time to more lucrative activities in order to put food on the table. Not saying that I’m stopping the comic, but just cautioning that things have changed, and I may need to put the comic on a reduced schedule in order to spend more time doing things I utterly hate, like teaching night school or summer school or the like.

Thanks to all those that read, and extra thanks to those that leave a comment, and extra EXTRA thanks to those that throw a few dollars my way on Patreon. Everybody reading this rocks.