The truth is revealed about Puck’s employment situation, which a few people were curious about. I’m personally kind of happy that Daphne is now grown up, because it provides Puck with a verbal sparring partner. Colin’s too goofy to hold his own against Puck, and Phoebe? No. Now that Puck and Daphne are (almost) the same size, it seems fair to have them facing off now and then.

Timmy’s Coffee, by the way, is my version of Tim Hortons, a veritable Canadian institution. I practically live off Tim Hortons coffee, but I don’t think I’d like to work there.

In this strip, you finally get a good view of the design on Daphne’s shirt. It’s been there for many strips; it just hasn’t been very visible until now.

Some may note that their house’s exterior siding is the same awful colour as their kitchen. There are a LOT of wartime one-and-a-halves in my city that are actually that colour. I think they were re-sided during the reign of harvest gold in the 70’s, and no one ever bothered to replace the colour.