Hey all. I wanted an excuse to update this sorely neglected blog section of my site, so here it is! The Puck webcomic hit the five year mark in April, in and around the same time it finally garnered one thousand Facebook likes. Neither number is really very impressive, but hey, in the absence of something real to celebrate, it’s what I’ve got. (If we count the years as a newspaper comic, it’s eighteen years of Puck in general, but I feel like that’s cheating somehow.)

Getting to five years as a webcomic is a bit of an auspicious event, I’d say. Some might say it shows nothing more than pigheaded determination, but hey, I’d gladly admit that I’m the pigheadedest of them all! So here’s to another five years of … whatever this is!

I raise a toast to not knowing when to quit! To overstaying my welcome! And to the many, many webcomics that should have outlasted me if there were any justice in the world.