Hey guys! I’m restarting a new semi-weekly feature that I used to do once upon a time, called ‘Gecko Recommends’ (or ‘Gecko Reco’ if you’re cool.) Here I’ll be profiling the comics that really, really need profiling, so here we go!

First up is my friend Bill Taylor’s latest comic undertaking, ARIEL 51. I was a huge fan of Bill’s old ‘Tripp’ comic; it perfectly blended two things I care about most: narrative and character-based humor. It’s still early days yet, but I think Ariel 51, his newest venture, is going to be another great one.

His visual style pops, his writing is wonderful and he has an ear for dialogue. Also, it’s an alien-themed comic starring a cute nerd girl. What’s not to like?

Check out Ariel 51 here! And tell ’em Gecko sent ya!