This week I’m profiling one of my favorite comics by one one of my favorite artists, the marvelous Roman Jones. Serious Engineering is an ongoing tale of friendship, secrets and (yes) engineering that at first glance is set in the Vancouver of a not-so-distant future, though I have it on good authority (the writer) that it’s actually more an alternate timeline present day sort of situation. It’s got brilliant and lively scientists, a sharp visual style, and possibly one of the most likable protagonists ever in the form of Corelle, an adorkable girl with a 1000-watt smile and cool mechanical arms. There’s emotional ups and downs, there’s humor, AND there’s the best dialogue this side of Tarantino. Roman never shies away from giving characters the right to express their unique personalities, and the comic crackles because of that.

Go check it out! And tell ’em Gecko sent ya!