So this isn’t exactly a new development, but I’m only drawing attention to it now. For the past year or so, I’ve been slowly uploading the older Puck comics to Webtoons. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Webtoons is (primarily) a mobile app that currently dominates the webcomic world.

The main reason I’m putting up the comic there is the fact that their platform is so ridiculously mobile-friendly. In an era where most of my audience is accessing my comic via their phone, this site really isn’t cutting it for some people.  I wanted to have an option that’s accessible and appealing for the teeny tiny screens that people now love so much.

So if you’re already a Webtoons user or if you’re just plain curious, go and check it out.  I’m slowly uploading all of the older comics at a ridiculously high resolution, with some tweaked and improved visuals for maximum reading pleasure.  Give it a glance, drop a favorable rating and follow along!

And don’t worry: this original site isn’t going anywhere.  It’s still the primary home of the comic, and I’ll be uploading all new material here first.

You can view it through your browser here but it’s better on the Webtoon app.