Colin and Puck continue to chat at the bar in this strip. Yes, that’s supposed to be a bar in the background. (Don’t ask me what I was thinking when I drew that. I really don’t remember.)

This strip also contains the only explanation provided for Puck’s apparent sex change. In Shakespeare (Midsummer Night’s Dream, specifically, for those of you not big on the Bard), Puck is male – the trickster servant of Oberon, the fairy king. In my strip, Puck is female and likes to wear plaid miniskirts. What’s the connection? Beats me!

As you can tell from the pixelated profanity in panel three, my comics contain some off-colour language that wouldn’t fly in a family newspaper. I never once got a complaint when it ran in the student newspaper, though – and it was delivered door-to-door throughout surrounding residential neighbourhoods! For the sake of peace and a PG rating, I’ll blur the naughty words and you can creatively fill the void with your own profanity of choice. It’s not that hard to figure out what they’re saying, really.