Oh boy. Where to start about this one?

First off, the website listed here is somehow STILL ONLINE. It hasn’t been updated for over ten years, but it keeps on ticking in cyberspace. I have no idea who the provider even is anymore. (It was one of those cases where one company bought another company, who then bought another company.) If you want to view the site, be warned: prepare yourself for ridiculously bad late 90’s web fun. (I mean, just calling it ‘the net’ kind of signals a serious problem, right?) I designed the site on MS Word eleven years ago and take no responsibility for the utter lameness that you’ll find there.

If you’d like to see it, even after being warned, click here!

Now about this strip…

This comic was the first one I ever did that made a friend of mine cry from laughter. The last panel with the hammer just touched a nerve for her, I guess. It still makes me smile every time I look at it.

When this strip hit the university paper, it seemed to cause quite a stir amongst the male student body, and the infamous towel shot quickly elevated Phoebe to the position of unofficial campus sweetheart. Phoebe, more than any other character in this strip, had a lot of fans. The very next week, the newspaper ran a spoof page where they took real comics and changed the text. One of the altered strips featured that old guy from ‘Pickles’ declaring his strong, carnal desire to, um, ‘have his way’ with Phoebe. A female character then replied to his statement with the withering put-down, “Oh, you mean that tart from page A7?” Ouch. So I guess some people didn’t like Phoebe.