I can’t believe I got this strip done on time. Here’s the back story: I was almost finished the colors on Sunday morning when the screen froze on my trusty, ancient laptop. So I reset. And the computer never, ever turned on again. (Okay, it turned on for one second, then turned off, then turned on again, then turned off repeatedly. This poor laptop’s been dying a slow death for a long time, but this was really the last gasp.) After sh**ing my pants in fear, I calmed down and came up with a plan.

What did I do? I ripped the still-beating hard drive out of that old clunker of a machine, bought a SATA-USB adapter on my lunch hour today, hooked the old hard drive up to my wife’s computer and retrieved the half-done comic file a few hours ago. Thankfully, I’d installed all the necessary software and fonts I needed on my wife’s computer in case just such a thing ever occurred.

Yep. I’m basically MacGyver.


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