I’ll just say this: the fact that society at large will gleefully judge a woman based on the presentation of a part of that woman’s body which society at large should rightly never see is, in my opinion, totally, completely f$%&ed up, man. Seriously. And for that ridiculous judgement to be based on the ever-changing whims of fashion makes it even weirder.

It’s like society judging you for how you wipe you butt. (“Big crumpled wad of paper? What kind of barbarian freak are you? Anyone civilized now uses exactly seven squares folded in an accordion-like fashion!”)

July Voting Incentive!!!

It’s July, and that means Puck’s pulling out ALL the stops by giving you a voting incentive that has everything you ever wanted! And when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING!



I realized that I’d really fallen down on the whole incentive availability thing in the store. People have been making a rather large number of purchases made lately, and none of the voting incentives from November of last year onward were available. Shame on me! I’ve made all of those pics (14 in all!) now available for two bucks. Or you can get all the pics for a fiver. (The money, by the way, all goes to the comic to pay for hosting costs, advertising and the like. I promise you that I don’t buy KFC with it. Most of the time.)