That doctor’s had it coming since strip #68, in my opinion. And though Puck’s rather famous for her violent tendencies, this is actually the first time that she’s ever landed a punch in-frame. She’s dangled people off buildings, strangled people, been covered with blood after savagely beating people, but never landed (or even swung) a punch in-frame. It had to happen sooner or later.

This one is sort of loosely inspired by reality. Let’s put it this way: my wife is about the kindest, gentlest, least violent soul I know (the polar opposite of Puck in that regard), yet during labour I could see a burning desire to kill mounting inside her with every passing contraction. And that’s with my kind, gentle, pacifist wife. Put Puck in that situation, and … well, somebody has to get hurt.

Oh, and I know someone will ask about the ice chips. Because women in labour aren’t allowed actual food, some hospitals allow women to eat ice chips. As my wife noted, “Never did ice chips taste so good.”

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