A true story. The first time I held my son, he started fussing so I sang Zelda’s lullaby from Ocarina of Time. (The song has been featured in just about every other Zelda game since then, so you probably know the tune.) Upon hearing the song, he immediately settled down.

Back story: I had been playing OoT non-stop while my son was in the womb, and my wife had often been within earshot of the television, so I think he’d become familiar with the tune in utero.

And yes, I cried. It was a touching, nerdy experience all around.

4th September Voting Incentive! PAPER DOLL PHOEBE is TRONBOCOP! IN SPACE!!!

That’s right! Get into the Victorian hobby of paper dolls – Phoebe style! Dress up our comic’s resident clotheshorse however you see fit! This week is a sci-fi explosion of ridiculous neon and shiny underwear!

For each paper doll, you can download the printable file (see the text above the incentive image for more info), print it on glossy paper and get cutting!