September is a month that has historically suffered a marked lack of swimwear. Thus, like a modern Robin Hood, I’ve planned to steal from the richness of my pen and give swimsuits to the poorness that is this dreary month. It’s SWIMSUITEMBER, BABY! A NEW ONE EVERY WEEK!

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As for the comic…

After spending many days on this comic and putting the final finishing touches on it, I woke up this morning to see Adam@Home (yeah, that comic) basically had the same f#@%ing punch line as this one. On the same day. Now I feel all staid and sad. (In honesty, though, the writing on Adam has gotten a hell of a lot crisper over the past five years. New writer, maybe?)

In other news, I’m actually finally figuring out an option for making t-shirts a reality. I just got a sample in the mail, and I’m pretty happy with it. Soon Puck shirts should be available in a wide variety of cuts and styles, with a bunch of different print designs on offer – and for a reasonable price, no less! I might also put up some of Daphne’s more famous shirt designs for sale too. More on that in the coming weeks.