A NEW VOTING INCENTIVE COMIC (generated by me and my six year-old daughter)!!!

After watching a Reading Rainbow episode about comic artists, my daughter really wanted to try her hand at the process. This is the result: a comic co-written and colored by her, with my fantastic brush doing the ink. (Her watercolor job is actually better than my contribution, IMHO.)



As for the comic…

In all seriousness, this comic does touch on a common misconception that I hear people spouting all the time. Folks tend to think karma functions like some sort of divine retribution, punishing the wicked and rewarding the good. And it does. It’s just a very delayed process. If you’re wicked, you might come back in your next life as a spider or something. But it’s not going to happen in this life.

There’s really no major world religion that promises rewards in this life for good deeds. No one’s bold enough to make that claim because of the plentiful evidence to the contrary.

And hey, look! More plot happened! Fancy that!