A NEW VOTING INCENTIVE COMIC (generated by me and my six year-old daughter)!!!

After watching a Reading Rainbow episode about comic artists, my daughter really wanted to try her hand at the process. This is the result: a comic co-written and colored by her, with my fantastic brush doing the ink. (Her watercolor job is actually better than my contribution, IMHO.)


As for this comic…

Some back story: I lived with a Jamaican family for a year while I was in animation college. They were super nice and very friendly and very understanding of the skinny white art nerd renting out their basement. A year went by, though, and I don’t think I ever totally understood a word they said – especially Norman, the dad. He had a deep, deep voice and strong patois that I found baffling.

I was talking about this in animation class one day to my fellow students when one of my friends joined the conversation. “What’s this you’re saying about Jamaicans?” he asked. “I’m half Jamaican, so you better not badmouth them.”

“I’m not badmouthing them,” I protested. “I’m just saying that I can’t understand a word they say.”

“Oh totally,” he concurred. “I don’t understand a word my dad says half the time, and I was raised by the man.”