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As for the comic…

The ‘aww’ moment has gone out of fashion these days, along with studio audiences and multi-camera sitcoms. I understand why. There’s something overly saccharine and cloying about the way the ubiquitous ‘aww’ moment worked in those TV shows of old.

But I remember listening to the writers of The Office (the American one) talking about how the ‘aww’ moment could still work, as long as you could include a funny part or a mild reversal or twist to bring it back into the comedic realm. Which is sort of what I tried to do in this comic.

In my opinion, the problem with the classic sitcom ‘aww’ moment rested in the way it was essentially breaking tone. In a comedy, the whole concept is to laugh, to not take anything too seriously. But then you slip in some ‘real’ emotion, and it’s momentarily disarming to the viewers. The unexpectedness can give the emotion some added heft, but really, the ‘aww’ moment still qualifies as a comedic sucker punch. You were faking comedy and then you swung drama.

I think a little bit of ‘the feels’ is never a bad thing in any story, but in a comedy comic strip, like this one, I always feel like there is one task I have with every entry, and that’s to be (or at least try to be) funny.

So I tried.