You click? I click! WE ALL CLICK ON AMAZING NEW VOTING INCENTIVE! Seriously, though, April Fool’s is over and the joke incentive has been replaced by a new pic featuring a Puck cast member cosplaying as some obscure(ish) character from the wide world of Nintendo!

Click to join the Nintendo Fun Club today, Mac!

As for the comic…

I conceived of this joke a while back: a crack about Puck’s insanely tight shorts, and in my original version, the punch line featured Puck making some comment about how the tight shorts force all the blood to her heart, making her a better mom. I planned it out and was almost done pencilling it when I suddenly realized that the joke was pretty much verbatim stolen from the movie Music & Lyrics, starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. That joke was even in the trailer, for crying out loud!

I have no idea how I fooled my brain into thinking it was my own original concept, but brains work in weird ways. So I changed it at the last minute. Now it’s just derivative instead of outright stolen. That’s better, right?