So every other webcomic on the planet had signed up for Patreon, and this shoe had to drop eventually. Please know that this changes absolutely nothing about how the comic runs. It’s still free on this site, and bonus stuff is still going to pop up on TWC as voting incentives.

But there’s going to be MORE on Patreon – and ALL for a measly dollar a month! For instance, there’s TWO alternate versions of this very comic on Patreon right now, featuring unused jokes that I thought up before deciding on this one at the very last minute. I might be putting previews of coming comics, teases, and other things up on Patreon in the future, so stay tuned.

As well, all the extras (voting incentives, wallpapers, pinups, etc.) from previous months and years will only be accessible through Patreon now (and there’s a LOT of extras, given that I’ve been doing this for five years). Just one dollar a month gets you full access! It’ll take a while for me to post all the old stuff, as well as the new material as it comes out, but I have to say that for Puck fans who can spare a dollar, it might – MIGHT – be worth it. (Which is my self-deprecating way of saying that I hope it’s worth it.)

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A PATRON OF PUCK! A PUCKTRON? That sounds rad, like gestalt transformer or something!




As for this comic…

I struggle to draw babies. Babies are just plain hard to draw. Their proportions are all wonky, AND their proportions constantly change as they age. BTW, I don’t know how old Miranda is now. Best guesses place her somewhere between six months and a year. And yes, I know that she has A LOT of hair for a kid that age, but bald kids look weird, so there.

This, by the way, will likely be Miranda’s true hair color from now on. The eagle-eyed among you may notice that it’s a gradient fill that incorporates the central shade of Colin’s hair and the outer shade of Puck’s hair. The end result is the strawberry blonde look that I wanted to achieve for Miranda. Also, said eagle-eyed readers might notice the faint freckles on the bridge of her nose. This (along with the hair) is a bit of a creative embellishment. Kids don’t usually develop freckles this young; it takes a good few years of sun damage before they can grow a crop of freckles, so a freckle-faced baby is highly unusual.

But when have I ever shied away from the highly unusual?