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As for this comic…

A word on blondes and my constant use of blonde-based humor:
I don’t really feel bad making grossly exaggerated statements about blondes because there’s something important that I’ve learned over my many decades: they don’t exist.

Okay, let me clarify that statement. Many little white kids are born blonde and sport those golden, radiant locks that shine like riches in the sun … up until they reach a certain age. But honestly, by age 25, almost all kids who were blonde in high school have their hair darken to an attractive (but not nearly as radiant) sand color. And it tends to darken even further from there.

I speak from second-hand experience. My wife was once blonde. Now her hair has darkened considerably. My daughter (age seven) still has the golden blonde sheen. My son (now age ten) was once the blondest tot of them all, but now his hair’s quite a bit darker. Some people keep their blonde hair throughout life, but those people are usually extremely Nordic in their appearance and have hair that is more the color of pale straw.

In summary, if you see a woman over the age of twenty-five and she has that golden movie star Marilyn Monroe hair color, it is almost certainly a conscious choice on her part. It came from a bottle. And only a certain kind of woman makes that conscious choice. Thus, blonde hair is not the equivalent of eye color or skin color, but more akin to a barbed wire tattoo around your bicep: you chose to adopt this feature, and it says something about you.

It might not necessarily say something negative about you. But it probably does.