More academic humour here. This was a strip born of my eternal frustration over the scholarship process. I always won scholarships, though they were never large. That was partly due to the nature of the Canadian university experience. In the US, philanthropy is a deeply ingrained element of the country’s identity. In Canada, it’s not. Up here, the assumption is that the government will take care of those that need taking care of, so why should I donate my hard-earned and heavily taxed money to somebody else? Neither system is better than the other, really – just different.

In the US, I might have been able to win larger scholarships, but my education would have cost me far more. As it was, with my heavily government-subsidized Canadian university education, I was able to cover my expenses through a part-time job and small scholarships, thus leaving me debt-free at the end. That’s a very good thing.

Puck’s scholarship here is even smaller than the ones I used to get, and that’s saying something!