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For those who are interested, there’s an alternate version of this very comic up on my Patreon feed right now featuring a totally different joke. (The alternate rendition may or may not be funnier than this one. I can’t tell.)

As for this comic…

This right here is a fairly accurate representation of my actual surgical oncologist. The first time I met him, I swear he was wearing a snappy suit just like this. And my first thought when I saw the guy was Colin’s observation in panel four. Though I didn’t share that thought with him.

Surgeons really are an interesting breed: insanely smart individuals who work in a high stakes environment and mostly interact with patients when they’re unconscious and cut open. They’re … odd. That said, I can honestly say that in the year or two after initially meeting my surgeon, I actually got to know him and form a sort of bond with him. He’s a great surgeon, and also he’s a good guy. And I owe him my life. So how do I repay him? By presenting him in an exaggerated light inside a comic strip without his permission, that’s how!