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For those who are interested, there’s an alternate version of this very comic up on my Patreon feed right now featuring a totally different joke. (The alternate rendition may or may not be funnier than this one. I can’t tell.)

As for this comic…

For the record, my surgical oncologist did use those words about the ‘cancer lottery’. His specific wording was, “In terms of cancers that can strike a young man, you won the cancer lottery.” Yaaaaaaaaay?

My whole experience with cancer was always a bit of an awkward one, specifically because I had a very curable form of the disease. I always felt a bit like a poseur, because if I said, “I have cancer,” people automatically think you’re about to die. But then it’s awkward saying, “No, it’s not like that; it’s not that bad,” and … yeah. Awkward. That’s the word.

For those who are curious, medical science isn’t entirely sure why TC is so treatable, but one of the prevailing theories basically goes that +esticular tissue is highly unsuited to spreading throughout the body because it needs a cooler environment to thrive. That’s why the boys are down there in their own baggy, air-conditioned home. If the +esticular tumor goes malignant and starts invading the rest of the body, the cells are usually already kind of compromised, which might make them more responsive to treatment. At least that’s one theory.

Also, a lot of guys (like me) discover the tumor before it metastasizes to other areas of the body. Then it’s just one-and-done surgery.

And I bet a lot of people never wanted to learn any of this. Sorry.

In other news, I’ve sort of been miffed that certain comics have recently been exporting from my program in a slightly ugly fashion. For instance, if you look at last week’s comic, you’ll notice in panel two that the outline of the doctor’s head looks kind of jagged and messy. I’ve decided to start exporting in a different way for a smoother bitmap. The end result should look sharper, though the image is a little less vibrant because of the anti-aliasing. Let me know if you like the new look or the old one.