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As for this comic…

We near the end of this story arc. Thankfully. And if you’re still reading, still following the comic, I thank you, because a lot of readers seem to have stopped. Either that or the somewhat more serious topics in this story arc have consistently chased away new readers. Whatever the dynamic that’s at work, I’m sadly in a situation where I’m at my lowest ranking in ten years on TWC, and my pageview stats have been spiraling downward every month since I started this arc.

I don’t think I’m doing bad work (or at least no worse than my usual work), but I totally understand why this story arc isn’t resonating as much with many people. And the lesson’s been learned. I won’t repeat this error, and all the upcoming story arcs are far more lighthearted.

On another front, that Mr. T minifig was put into production for the defunct ‘Lego Dimensions’ line and is still on store shelves. (I was very, very sad to find out that the figure apparently was not intended to represent Mr. T, but rather the game made it clear that the figure represented B.A. Baracus from the (flawed) 2010 movie. I personally suspect they just said ‘It’s not Mr. T’ for legal reasons, because the figure TOTALLY looks like Mr. T.)