This is another one of my favourites: just a little bit of sitcom-type domestic comedy, I suppose, but it works. The expressions help carry the joke.

I wrote and drew this comic before I ever met my wife, but funnily enough, this could serve as a fairly accurate parody of our domestic life now. My wife hates to spend money; she blames her Scottish ancestry. I sometimes have to order her to spend money on certain things like new clothes. (“No really, honey, that purse is decomposing.”) As for me, I spend money far more readily, and often on things I shouldn’t. I’ve never bought walkie talkies at the grocery store, but I might, if the mood struck me. I’m not expressly forbidden to go grocery shopping on my own, but my wife knows that sending me out to the store might result in large, spontaneous purchases of candy, Little Debbie snack cakes, or ribs.

I’m also a big fan of the cubist Puck in the title panel. Puckasso, one might say?