This is the conclusion of the walkie talkie fiasco. It doesn’t really effectively conclude anything, but I limited this concept to two strips due to a lack of other ideas. Because the strip ran weekly, I tried to avoid serial storylines where I could.

This is my pot shot at dollar store purchases (or similar low-cost options). You pay five bucks for walkie talkies, and what do you get? Walkie, but no talkie.

I once had a friend who always bought Walkman rip-offs for twenty dollars at a cheap discount store. They would eat his audio tapes and stop working after two months. Then he would go out and buy another twenty dollar Walkman. He must have done this about eight times, meaning he paid close to double what a real Walkman cost, and got his tapes eaten in the process. It never made any sense to me.

(Ah, audio tapes. How I miss you so.)