Just a slightly altered rehash of the last voting incentive, but hey, why not?


As for this comic…

There were a number of readers who were rooting for Phoebe to slap Daphne at some point in this arc. And now those readers get their wish. (Well, kinda. They get their wish fulfilled to the extent that it could ever be filled by Phoebe slapping someone, which isn’t very fulfilling.)

I should note that it is very, VERY hard to draw a still image conveying a weak slap. It may be impossible, really. So I kind of copped out and just drew a real slap with a really weak sound effect. It’s the best I could do, given the situation. And as for the situation, well…

Here’s the deal: this is one of the worst times of the year for me with my day job, and I have very little time to work on the comic. That means I’m trying to get as much as I can done as early as I can to free up time for later. And I ended up drawing this whole comic much earlier than usual, working on it through my lunch hours and evenings. But then, like the idiot I am, I left the page with the last two panels at my job over the weekend. And I couldn’t get into the building. Believe me, I tried. That meant that even though the drawings were totally done, I needed to redraw the same drawings again in order to get this comic done on time. Which I did.

I’m not sure if the new pics are better than the original drawings or not. I’ll post the first draft along with the redone versions on Patreon later this week, if anybody’s interested.