A little bit of essay humour here. I’m quite proud of the little except from Puck’s essay. It’s REALLY hard to write an essay starting every word with the letter ‘A’. In my opinion, that’s a decent essay intro, though – subliminal message or not.

Looking back on it, I realize that Phoebe sort of became smarter and more normal as time went on. Earlier on, she was the loony one and Puck was the straight gal, but as the series progresses, that dynamic is periodically reversed, like here. I suppose they’re both insane characters, just in different ways.

The crayon Puck image was another one that started to run in the intro box at this time. Shaking things up a bit, I guess. I liked crayon Puck.

Nothing against midgets, by the way, though I guess the very use of the word is inappropriate. Nothing against little people; the last line just seemed funny at the time. It still seems funny, to be honest.