This one was loosely based on a real experience. One day, when bored, my dad and my brother and I took a large Y-shaped tree branch, slashed a bike tire inner-tube and made an enormous slingshot. In behind our house was a giant field. We decided to use it as our firing ground. The tension required to pull back the slingshot was so great that one person had to brace the bottom of the slingshot against a fence with his whole body while the other two pulled back.

We didn’t fire boulders like Daphne and Colin are doing here. Rather, we fired small rocks. It was amazing, though. The first rock went straight into the stratosphere and made this frightening roar that sounded exactly like a TIE fighter from the Star Wars movies. That thing kept us amused for hours. We have no idea how far the rocks went because they vanished from sight in an instant. We liked to think that we were hitting the apartment buildings a mile away.

We used to make baby Jesus cry all the time.