To explain this one, I have to put it in context. Around the time I created this strip, I was becoming frustrated by the general lack of feedback I got from the general campus. Few people ever commented on Puck; few people knew that I created it.

That said, Puck’s longish run in the Silhouette began to inspire some other campus artists to create their own strips, and thus I suddenly had some competition.

Also at this time, a friend of mine drew a parody comic that lampooned two of the competing campus strips (certainly NOT on my recommendation). His parody strip was in horribly bad taste (it featured two characters having sex), and it immediately resulted in him getting a bunch of hate mail, which he really did deserve. Everyone was angry at him for denigrating someone else’s creative works; I don’t blame them.

That said, I was kind of frustrated. Here I was, doing a weekly strip for years, and I’d received almost no feedback of any kind (positive or negative). My buddy runs one strip and it was like he lit the whole freakin’ newspaper on fire.

I vowed from that point to push the envelope a bit more with my comic strips. It seems silly, but I wanted attention of SOME type, be it positive or negative. Thus, this strip went a bit over the top with the prof boobs.

In retrospect, I see that Puck might have skirted with impropriety at times, but the strip’s heart was always in the right place. It was never mean-spirited or in bad taste. That’s why I never received any complaints, despite the nudity and the swearing and the craziness.