I asked for nouns, adjectives and verbs from my trusty top patrons which I could then assemble in unique and entertaining ways, and though I didn’t get many suggestions back, what I DID get went into the new incentive pic!


As for this comic…

Every once in a while (like once every 150 comics or so), one of the characters in this series actually acknowledges that Daphne is, in fact, a dog girl. This is one of those comics.

People have asked many times about whether the general population in this universe can see that Daphne is a dog girl, or Phoebe is a devil girl, or what have you. People question this because no one ever really reacts oddly to her presence and treats her like everyone else. But my answer to that question has always been, “OF COURSE they can see that Daphne is a dog girl! She’s a freakin’ dog girl! How could you NOT see that?”

More specifically, my explanation (borrowing heavily from Douglas Adams here) is that Daphne, Phoebe and Puck are largely protected by a S.E.B. field – a ‘somebody else’s problem’ field. People see that Daphne is a dog girl. they know she’s a dog girl. They just don’t react in any noticeable way because they all assume that she has a good reason for being a dog girl and they really don’t want to get involved.