It’s sweet. We’re doing a flavor thing. I dunno. Just go with it.


As for this comic…

This is something that most people might have never pieced together, but is nonetheless true: Puck doesn’t drive. She has never driven a car within the panels of the comic. She’s always been a passenger. Phoebe drives, and Colin drives, but Puck does not. She used to drive at some point, but she drives no longer. More on that later.

You learn something new every day. Er, week.

And yes, I used to drive around in a green ’99 Malibu. That Malibu went to the great Chevy parking lot in the sky a long time ago, though. I sometimes still see a ’99 Malibu driving on the road now. Heck, I saw one pulling out of the grocery store parking lot just today. And every time I see one, I think, “How are you still working?” Let me tell you, they were NOT very reliable vehicles. I spent a small fortune fixing that damned car, only to have it break again and again and again. I do not miss the expense nor the misery. But I do still have fond memories. At least it lives on in this comic.