I know the thumbnail says it’s new, but it’s not. This is the ole ‘I ran out of time to finish the voting incentive pic so I’m recycling one from a few years ago to buy me some time’ strategy. I’ve been pulling that strategy a lot lately. W


As for this comic…

I finished this comic ten minutes ago. It is currently a few minutes before midnight for me, and I’m exhausted. Sometimes a comic file experiences issues where some element really adds to the processing demands of my computer, and it results in massive delays for every action. Like I click to add text, then the cursor pops up a whole fifteen seconds later. It’s maddening. But I don’t have the time to start over – I just need to muscle through at a painfully slow pace with what I’ve got.

I’m going to bed now.

Oh, and Tyler didn’t disappear. He’s in the next comic. He’s just currently in the living room. Daphne’s energy drink from the previous comic DID disappear, though. Did she place it down in the kitchen? Or did it cease to exist on the timeline? Or did I forget she was holding an energy drink in the last comic? The last one, probably.