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As for this comic…

Hot on the heels of some minor tech problems last week, I encountered MAJOR tech problems this week when my computer decided to stop working in a few critical capacities. Foremost among these capacities was the ability to communicate with my printer/scanner. I figured out a workaround after a few days involving USB sticks and the like, but it was only after a few days of sweaty palms and lost sleep.

It’s at this point that I need to reveal a dark secret about the comic: I’ve been making this comic on the same computer for the past eleven years or so. It’s a hearty Dell laptop that has been incredibly reliable, and that reliability has lulled me into complacency. Sadly, the system is so old, and the operating system so out of date, that it’s becoming hard to perform basic tasks.

I need a new computer, but that means also moving to a much newer version of my software (which costs hundreds), and probably a new printer/scanner combo, and just thinking about all of that is giving me heart palpitations. It’s not really the money that stresses me out, though I guess it’s partially the money. It’s more that I hate change and worry about a serious breakdown in comic production. However, it’s a jump I’ll need to make soon. This computer is sending me gentle signals that its window of usefulness is closing fast. I need to get a new system before that window closes altogether.