Okay, before everyone freaks out on me, let me explain.

Forces beyond my control have conspired to make my life insanely, unworkably busy over the past week. This lack of free time is likely to continue over the next few weeks as well. SOOOO… it’s either this (ridiculous) solution or the dreaded ‘h’ word, and you have no idea how much I despise the very concept of a hiatus when it comes to webcomics.

I wanted to give you something for your trouble, and this is what I can manage when I have one hour of free time on my hands instead of the twelve to twenty I normally take on a strip.

Please rest assured that this is just a stupid interlude which stands totally outside the normal events and timeline of the comic. Just for fun. We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled program soon enough … but not before I’ve had a little fun with this.


It’s April, and that means another Puck voting incentive on TWC! This time we’re going whole hog! It’s all coming off, with Tracee! She’s evil, she’s hot, and she’s getting clean! Seriously, how has this chick NOT gotten her own voting incentive yet?

I had some troubles uploading this image to TWC, but I think I’ve got them fixed now.

This particular voting incentive is no longer up on TWC, but you can GET IT AT THE STORE, along with all the other incentives, for a few bucks!