So every other webcomic on the planet had signed up for Patreon, and this shoe had to drop eventually. Please know that this changes absolutely nothing about how the comic runs. It’s still free on this site, and bonus stuff is still going to pop up on TWC as voting incentives.

All the extras from previous months and years, though, will only be accessible through Patreon now (and there’s a LOT of extras, given that I’ve been doing this for five years). Just one dollar a month gets you full access! It’ll take a while for me to post all the old stuff, as well as the new material as it comes out, but I have to say that for Puck fans who can spare a dollar, it might – MIGHT – be worth it.

CLICK HERE TO BECOME A PATRON OF PUCK! A PUCKTRON? That sounds rad, like gestalt transformer or something!